Website builder

A website builder for all

There's a new website builder on the market, developed by SnackTools. It's called SnackWebsites and it's perfect for small to medium businesses and people who want to present their products and services in an easy way. Whatever your profession is, SnackWebsites comes in handy. You can use this website builder to create a website for yourself (a personal page) or promote something: an idea, an event, a product or service.

There's a line chart on SnackWebsites like those you can make in JSCharts to see the stats on dashboard, so you can monitor visits on your website.

Make a mobile website - it matters

We recommend you to try it because it's useful and free. Also, all websites built with SnackWebsites are mobile-friendly, which really matters, since more and more people check websites from their smartphones and tablets.

So check out this new web builder and make a website!